ANSOFT Maxwell / ANSYS Maxwell Documentation

ANSYS Maxwell Brochure
Ansoft Maxwell 3D v11. User’s Guide
Ansoft Maxwell 2D v12. User’s Guide
ANSYS Maxwell 2D v14. User’s Guide
ANSYS Maxwell 2D v15. User’s Guide
ANSYS Maxwell 3D v15. User’s Guide
Multiphysics Simulation by Design for Electrical Machines Power Electronics and Drives

ANSYS Maxwell V16 Training Manual:
Lecture 1: Introduction to ANSYS Maxwell
Lecture 2: Geometry Operations
Lecture 3: Static Magnetic Solvers
Lecture 4: Static Electric Solvers
Lecture 5: Maxwell Transient Solvers
Lecture 6: Meshing and Mesh Operations
Lecture 7: Maxwell Postprocessing
Lecture 8: Optimetrics Analysis

Workshop Instructions 2D
Workshop Input Files 2D
Workshop Instructions 3D
Workshop Input Files 3D
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